Ayuda para la migración de servidor de un sitio joomla 2.5 en algunos problemas concretos

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Durante la última migración que tuvimos que hacer de una página hecha con el CMS joomla en su versión 2.5 nos encontramos con diversos problemas. Entre otros con la temida pantalla en blanco y con la necesidad de reinstalar de nuevo joomla.  Para ambos problemas encontramos útiles instrucciones en los foros de jooma.org. Así que las transcribimos a continuación:

Las primeras, extraídas de http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=615&t=769126, a propósito de una página en blanco sucedida después de actualizar desde joomla 2.5.7 a 2.5.8:

        In the unfortunate event that you have not already done so, backup your site and database now.
    Manual Re-installation of Joomla
        Download Joomla
            Download a fresh copy of the latestJoomla Full Stable Package for 2.5.x
        Extract the archive
            Extract this archive locally on your PC using an archive manager.
                If on Windows do not use M$ own archive manager - download and install 7-Zip.
                Do not use M$ Explorer's Copy and Paste or Move options to move the extracted files around either.
            Delete the installation/ directory !!Important
        Upload the files to the host server
            Using your FTP client to upload the files to the host joomla_root/ directory (where Joomla files and directories will be located).
                Again if you are on Windows do not use M$ own software - download and install either WinSCP or FileZilla.
            Ensure the Default Transfer File Type is set to Binary in the Options/Parameters of the client.
            CLICK Upload
                The files must overwrite those in the current joomla_root/ whilst maintaining the same file hierarchy. !!Important
        Access the Joomla Administrator Backend
            Try to access to the site once more.
                If successful proceed to Completing the Update
                If not successful report back here with precise details.
        Completing the Update
            Go to Extensions ⇒ Extension Manager ⇒ Discover tab
                CLICK Discover
                    This will show any new extensions that are now available
                    It will also show any old, deprecated one's, particularly if the site was updated from 1.6.x, that have not previously been removed properly. So be aware.
                SELECT all the new Extensions only
                CLICK Install.
            Go to Extensions ⇒ Extension Manager ⇒ Database tab.
                CLICK Fix
            Go to Extensions ⇒ Extension Manager ⇒ Discover tab
                CLICK Purge Cache
    Site Review
    Now check your site and backend and all the features both existing and new to make sure they are working.
        If all the checks are completed successfully
        Create a fresh Back up of your site and database.
        If not report back with any issues.
        Create a fresh backup of the site and database and keep this safe so that you have a clean position to return to at this point.
        Remember to always backup your site before doing any updates, Extension installations, or making any changes that could corrupt your site. If you don't know what the outcome of your actions might be then BACKUP.

Y las segundas extraídas de: http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=624&t=760468, a propósito de un pantallazo en blanco después de instalar una extensión en joomla 2.5

For future reference you should simply locate the plugin the database table and change the variable enable to 0.
Then assuming you can once again access the Administrator correctly you can then uninstall the Plugin correctly from the Extensions ⇒ Plugin Manager.
You should always create a backup of the site and database first before taking the sort of action you did.
Also just to make sure everything is correctly resolved:

    Make sure the database has been updated to reflect the changes from the change(s)
        Go to the Extensions=>Extension Manager->Database tab
        CLICK the Fix button (top right toolbar).
    Also , make sure that you clear the Joomla cache files.
        Go to Extensions=>Extension Manager->Updates tab
        CLICK Purge Cache
    Report back with the outcome.

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