Community manager

We provide you a professional team from the communication world specialized in social networking managing and on-line communities. Depending on te needs of each business, we offer a custom community manager plan.

Moreover, everyday, big companies realize that the content generation is fundamental in any direct communication strategy with their potential clients.

In social web, the best way of advertising is showing that you have something to say, that you are a reference in your own sector. That's why we provide a integral service of content generation (thematic news, posts for corporate blogs, etc.), that will help you positioning in search engines and increase the community of users of your website.

We write original and high quality content from a wide variety of themes and, at the same time, we optimize it for its correct positioning on search engines.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Management of corporate social network accounts (twitter, facebook, pinterest, tuenti, etc)
  • Content management of a corporate blog
  • Daily news creation about specific topics
  • Search of current issues in any field
  • Marketing campaigns in social networks